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Whether you provide applied behavior analysis services, participate on an interdisciplinary team, or supervise others in an applied behavior analysis setting or early intervention program for children with autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, Discovering Behavioral intervention: A Parent's Interactive Guide to Applied Behavior Analysis will be a particularly valuable resource. Learn about applied behavior analysis while getting an inside look at how families cope with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.

Rigorously Researched by Child Development Professionals

This online training guide is the result of evidence-based, rigorously tested research and was created by a team of child development experts who are dedicated to helping parents and other family members of children with autism spectrum disorder. The team was led by a principal investigator at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center, part of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, an academic health sciences center. It included scientists, course developers, graphic designers, instructional designers, and parent advisors.

Discovering Behavioral Intervention: A Parent's Interactive Guide to Applied Behavior Analysis is a 10 module online instructional guide created by and for parents of children on the autism spectrum. Parents of six children on the spectrum serve as trusted guides. By sharing their stories throughout the modules, the guides help parents navigate the sometimes-complicated world of autism spectrum disorder and behavioral intervention using real-life situations.

The training employs a mix of family-friendly text, videos, interactive graphics, and immersive exercises to teach why behavioral intervention is so commonly recommended and how it should be conducted. Parents also learn how to advocate for and secure high-quality behavioral services, and to effectively monitor and evaluate their child's progress, so they can have a powerful voice in their child's development.

An Effective Parent Learning and Staff Training Tool

Reflecting all the latest research on effective adult learning, this instructional guide is also engaging. In addition to user-friendly text and extensive parent interviews, this self-paced online course includes tests and interactive exercises with prescriptive feedback to quickly assess your learning progress. Pre- and post-testing in accord with national research standards demonstrated that Discovering Behavioral Interventionis an effective adult learning tool. The 10 modules comprise:

Module 1:   Introduction to Discovering Behavioral Intervention: A Parent's Interactive Guide to ABA

Module 2:   Basics of ABA

Module 3:   Building Skills with ABA – Part I

Module 4:   Building Skills with ABA – Part II

Module 5:   Assessing Behavior

Module 6:   Interventions for Challenging Behaviors

Module 7:   Collecting and Using Behavioral Data

Module 8:   Partnering with ABA Professionals

Module 9:   Advocating for ABA Services

Module 10: Behavioral Interventions and the IEP – What Parents Need to Know

What Sets Discovering Behavioral Intervention Apart: The Parent's Perspective

We believe that Discovering Behavioral Intervention has more depth and breadth of information in one place than any other resource available. But Discovering Behavioral Intervention provides more than information. Discovering Behavioral Intervention addresses the emotional issues that arise as parents struggle to determine how best to help their child with autism spectrum disorder. 

This unique perspective makes Discovering Behavioral Intervention a wonderful resource to support both families and new and existing staff:

  • Parents you work with will surely recognize themselves in some of the reflections candidly shared by Discovering Behavioral Intervention's trusted parent guides and will find those perspectives reassuring
  • The next time a parent asks "How can I learn more?" or "How do I prepare for my child's applied behavior analysis treatment?" you  can refer them to Discovering Behavioral Intervention
  • If you have a new employee training to deliver applied behavior analysis services, you can include Discovering Behavioral Intervention as part of the preparation
  • Provides professionals and parents with valuable information on the individual education plan (IEP) process and advocacy for needed services

For training purposes or to connect with and help support parents, Discovering Behavioral intervention: A Parent's Interactive Guide to Applied Behavior Analysisbelongs in your professional toolbox.

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