Risk Management in Developmental Disabilities
Comprehensive online courses on risk mitigation and safety enhancement

Risk Management in Developmental Disabilities (RMDD) is a series of six online training courses designed for those who provide services and support to children and adults with developmental disabilities. RMDD instructs users in best practice approaches to risk mitigation and safety enhancement.

Learning ABA!
Online interactive learning modules for professionals.

Learning ABA! is an online learning experience for paraprofessionals in behavioral intervention for the treatment of children on the autism spectrum as they prepare for live training with a mentor. It simulates the one-on-one mentoring process used in effective face-to-face training and allows the paraprofessional to practice intervention skills interactively with an onscreen child. The training is a first of its kind and a valuable addition to behavioral intervention agency training programs.

Discovering Behavioral Intervention
An online, interactive guide to applied behavior analysis to help children with autism spectrum disorder

Discovering Behavioral Intervention: A Parent’s Interactive Guide to ABA is an online interactive learning guide to applied behavior analysis, or ABA, for parents of children with autism and the professionals who support them. Created by child development experts and parents, Discovering Behavioral Intervention (DBI) presents ABA in a self-paced, family-friendly format. DBI introduces the language and principles of ABA and features personal stories from trusted parent guides. Real-life learning from real-life sources.