Poster highlighting success of online ABA training program honored by autism conference

August 26, 2014
ICare Poster

A poster that explains the success of an online UMass Medical School program in teaching  paraprofessionals about Applied Behavior Analysis has been named winner of an ICare4Autism International Autism Conference poster session.

Maura Sullivan Buckley, MPA, product manager at UDiscovering, an affiliate of UMass Medical School’s Commonwealth Medicine division, presented the poster at the conference on July 1. The poster is titled, Learning ABA!: The effects of an online training program for paraprofessionals on knowledge and skill acquisition of ABA-based treatment methods.

Participants who completed the Learning ABA! course showed improvement in their knowledge of ABA in two separate studies, according to the poster. One study found that participants achieved higher test scores after taking the course when compared to their scores on the same test before completing the course. A second study showed that participants who took the course can effectively demonstrate ABA skills to an examiner acting in the role as a child.

The poster authors include Buckley, Richard W. Serna, PhD, UMass Lowell; Richard K. Fleming, PhD, UMass Boston; Harold E. Lobo, PhD, Praxis Inc.; Cindy K. Fleming, MS, Praxis Inc.; and Charles D. Hamad, PhD, UMass Medical School, Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center.

Learning ABA! is an innovative evidence-based online program that trains paraprofessionals in the fundamentals of Applied Behavior Analysis. The program uses unique simulation exercises, in which the user directly interacts with an onscreen child from a first-person perspective, to help build skills and understanding in ABA.