Frequently Asked Questions

What is Learning ABA?

Learning ABA is an on-line, interactive course on the basics of Applied Behavior Analysis.  This course is all video based and virtual learning.  The user experiences working with an on screen child. The course is also competency based, so the user cannot move forward through each module without passing testing. Most have video based interactions and what is truly effective is the fact that in order to complete certain modules you need to properly implement and master the skills that you are taught before you can progress in the course.

How many courses are there within the entire module?

The entire course is 15 units. Here is a sampling of the units: learn the foundational skills for using reinforcement, discrete trial training, error correction, prompting and fading, data collection, incidental teaching, and more.

How many hours of training?

The course takes a newcomer about 10-12 hours.  A more seasoned professional can get through it more quickly.

What is your pricing?

Each license is purchased for each individual using the course and the cost is $129. If more licenses are required, discounts are applied staring at the 10 user licenses and above.

Is there a certificate that prints allowing us to see how well our staff performed?

There is a certificate upon completion of the course.  Right now we do not have the tools to allow you to view the staff’s performance. However, since the course is competency based, the professional/teacher cannot progress through the modules until they have mastered the skills.

Can we login as administrators to review concepts.

We do provide a product preview for your review on the website.

What are the system requirements?

Supported browsers are indicated below:  

  • Internet Explorer* from Microsoft
  • Safari from Apple
  • Firefox from Mozilla
  • Chrome from Google

*Certain Internet Explorer configuration options can make it difficult to use some features of Blackboard Learn. To learn more, see the Internet Explorer Security Zones and Compatibility View topic in this section.

Some older versions of browsers from some vendors may have rendering issues with newer versions of UDiscovering’s Blackboard Learn platform, and some newer browser versions may have rendering issues with older versions of Learn.

You will need to have Adobe Reader installed, which most computers already have installed.

For support or technical assistance:

Please see our technical support page: or call 508-856-2139.