A special note to parents of children with autism

Young boy with autism

When I see news that autism prevalence is increasing, I immediately think about all of the parents and families trying to navigate the complex world of autism for their children. What does this diagnosis mean? Will my child ever live a normal life? Is there anything I can do to help them overcome the struggles? How can I help them get a good education? How can I help them succeed?

The hard truth is, for many families, it will always be a struggle. Autism will consume your time and attention — but your dedication and commitment WILL ensure the best possible outcome, no matter what that may be. Every positive step, and even the tiniest indication of improvement, is the most rewarding feeling in the world. And YOU, the parents, make it happen.

I want to take this opportunity, in light of the difficult news regarding autism prevalence, to give a shout-out to those amazing parents out there who are doing everything they can, never giving up, and never settling for anything less than the best possible outcome. They need our help and support now more than ever.