Applied Behavior Analysis

Having access to treatment is life-changing

Maura Buckley, former product manager for UDiscovering, and Amy Weinstock, director of the Autism Insurance Resource Center at the UMMS Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center, talked about their experiences related to accessing health care and behavioral services for children with autism spectrum disorder, in a segment of WCVB-TV’s Chronicle.

ABA can teach in unexpected ways

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) may not seem like the most creative therapy on the surface — but in fact, ABA can be as creative as a therapist and child want! There are so many creative ways to reinforce behaviors with ABA. Learn how Maura Buckley used video modeling to teach her son a new behavior.

You know your child best — but what motivates you?

How do parents of children with autism keep themselves going when the hills get steep? What really works to help parents stay motivated when behaviors are challenging and the road ahead seems dauntingly long and arduous?

Video Blog: Richard Fleming, Ph.D., talks about UDiscovering's new autism training resource

Dr. Fleming, behavioral psychologist and course developer at UMass Medical School's Shriver Center, talks about Discovering Behavioral Intervention (DBI) — a new autism training resource for parents and professionals. "With [DBI], you’ll learn the ins and outs of applied behavior analysis and get an invaluable inside look at families coping with the challenges of raising a child with autism."

With autism prevalence growing, more families need support and education

As a parent, I don’t need to look at official estimates to know that the prevalence of autism is increasing. I see it every day. The waiting lists for autism-related services are longer, resources continue to tighten within our schools, health care providers are under increasing demands, and many families struggle to find access to appropriate therapies.

The very first time…

As the mother of two children with autism spectrum disorder, I understand the confusion, the heartache, and the never-ending challenges parents must face. Sometimes it feels like nothing is helping or will help. For my family and for so many others, early intervention with applied behavior analysis was the right solution.

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