Curtis Deutsch, Ph.D.

Curtis Deutsch, Ph.D.Director, Psychobiology Program, Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center
Director, Craniofacial Research Program, Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center
Associate Professor of Psychiatry
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Consulting Dysmorphologist, Craniofacial Centre
Children’s Hospital Boston

Dr. Deutsch’s research focuses on biobehavioral and genetic factors in developmental disabilities. One area of focus is the study of dysmorphology in developmental neurobiology — particularly the relationship between facial abnormalities and developmental disorders. As part of his research in behavioral phenotyping, Dr. Deutsch is developing tests of cognitive/behavioral function in order to understand more about brain functioning among individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In addition, he is working with colleagues in the fields of autism and psychosis research to study the association of genetics and psychiatric disorders.

Dr. Deutsch has a B.A. in biology from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, and a Ph.D. in behavior genetics from the University of Texas at Austin. He has served on the Autism Genetics Resource Exchange Steering Committee (Autism Speaks, 2008), the Society for Craniofacial Genetics Steering Committee (2004-2006), and the Board of Directors for the Association for Science in Autism Treatment (2001).