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ICare Poster
August 26, 2014

A poster that explains the success of an online UMass Medical School program in teaching paraprofessionals about Applied Behavior Analysis has been named winner of an ICare4Autism International Autism Conference poster session.

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Maura on Chronicle

Maura Buckley, former product manager for UDiscovering, and Amy Weinstock, director of the Autism Insurance Resource Center at the UMMS Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center, talked about their experiences related to accessing health care and behavioral services for children with autism spectrum disorder, in a segment of WCVB-TV’s Chronicle.


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UDiscovering offers online training tools and services to help families of children with autism, and professionals working in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our training tools are developed by the University of Massachusetts Medical School's Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center, which is nationally and internationally recognized for its research, education, and public service on behalf of individuals with disabilities. UMass Medical School’s development team includes national experts in the fields of autism, applied behavior analysis, psychological sciences, and instructional technology all working together, with NIH grant support, to develop these innovative products.